Welcome to The NFL Break Room at the House of Cards

If you’ve never done a box break before, it’s a great way to have a chance at a high end card, without having to buy the whole high end box!

We’ll offer breaks with baseball, football and basketball cards – keep checking back to see what new product we are breaking.

So, how does it work?

  1. Buy a spot in a break (they will be either by team or division)
  2. Customize your break draft preferences. The drop-down menus below will let you “rank” professional teams for each year. Why do this? Maybe you are a die-hard Redskins fan or that is your personal collection team – you want to make sure if you get the first draft pick, you’ll get your preferred team. Maybe you are more of a seller, and want to get the hottest rookies/vets, so you’d rather have Tampa Bay or Tennessee for 2015 football breaks, hoping to get the Mariota or Winston.
  3. Once all spots for a break fill up, we will either post a video of us randomizing the draft picks, or we will do it live at the start of the break.
  4. When it’s time to break, you can watch a live stream of the box break right here. (If you miss the love break, you can always watch the video after on ustream.com.
  5. Any “hits” (numbered cards, signed cards, relic cards or redemption cards) that match your team (or are from your division in a divisional break) will be sent to you!

What happens to cards that have multiple players, retired players, or players in a college uniform?

  1. For cards with more than one player, it goes to the team on the top or the left. (For two-sided cards, we’ll go by the front.
  2. If the player is in a college uniform, or no uniform, the card goes to the last team that player played for (or the last team the person coached for).
  3. If the player’s team no longer exists, the card goes first to where the team relocated (Baltimore Colts = Indianapolis Colts, not the Baltimore Ravens).
  4. If the player pictured was never drafted, we’ll random it off to someone in the break.

Watch Live

If you have any questions, please ask before purchasing a spot. houseofcardsmd@gmail.com

Next Break: June 2016

Our initial break is likely to be divisional (each person gets one NFL, MLB or NBA division.) Once the slots are filled, we’ll randomly assign the divisions.

We will probable break one of the following boxes:

  • Black Gold
  • Contenders
  • National Treasures
  • Immaculate
  • Flawless

Feel free to send in your preferences at any time, but using the form below – be sure to include the year! You can also tell us which types of breaks you are interested in.

Looking forward to pulling some sick hits for you guys…


Next Box Break June 1, 2016

To register for this break, ALL fields below must be completed before the "Submit" button will appear. You must rank ALL teams for the sport we are breaking (click on the team list, and then click each team in your preferred order). If you have any trouble or questions, please email us before submitting the form.

NFL Teams: