We Buy From You

Are you looking to sell your collection?

For four decades, House of Cards has been paying top dollar for sports and non-sports memorabilia and collectibles.

We buy everything from single cards to entire warehouses full of memorabilia.

Items from the 1970s and earlier are the most desirable (and valuable).

While seeing items in person is the best way to assess their potential value, we invite you to upload scans or photographs of your items, along with any descriptions and background information you can provide. Once we’ve reviewed your submission, someone from House of Cards will get back to you to set up a time to come into the store to meet with one of our experts, or we can arrange to come to your location if your collection is too large or unwieldy to bring to our store.

Some tips for taking images:

For cards, publications, tickets and other “flat” items, a flatbed scanner will provide the best image. Take care not to place the items on the edges of the scanner, as seeing the condition of the corners and edges of your item is very important.

  • For cards and tickets, scan both sides.
  • For publications, the front cover and a description of the interior is fine.
  • If you don’t have a scanner, try to place the item on a contrasting surface and take as close-up a photo as possible.
  • For jerseys, balls, helmets, etc. try to take photos from as many angles as possible so we can see the true condition of the piece.
  • When describing any item, try to include information on wear, special characteristics (game used, obtained from player, has JSA, PSA or other authentication, etc.

If you have newer items, we generally suggest that you “let them age a little more,” as owner Bill Huggins is fond of saying. Put them in a safe place, and pass them on to your children or grandchildren!